Thursday, 10 January 2008

Nearly a year

It's been nearly a year of the Dore programme and it's probably indicative of present state of mind that I haven't posted anything here for over 2 months.

The last review went well in terms of tests. It was the first review since the introduction of the mental tasks and all the results stayed comfortably in the green.

Yet this time it all felt a bit meaningless because I've lost any sense of making progress. I thought that this was the point at which I would really begin to notice improvements in concentration and perhaps in mental flexibility. But nothing. Things remain pretty balanced in the playground with his friendships and his writing and spelling remain 'dreadful' as opposed to 'abysmal'. But not what you would call any improvement.

Both he and I were definitely running out of steam when it came to the exercises and then over Christmas I got ill - the flu-ey thing - and for nearly 10 days I wasn't up to the effort of bullying him into activity. This was very depressing so we had a chat and he agreed to take on a bit more responsibility for them. And, to his credit, he has. We've got back on track and both feel slightly more positive, as though we can limp along for a bit longer. But I wonder if we've just about come to the end of this particular road?

Next review tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Helen do not dispair he has only had one review since he started his mental tasks.
He is still developing even if you cannot see it. it is what is happening on the inside that counts.
Leila and I went through the same dispondency after a year. I think it is a mental blip, you want to see the end, but you know he isn't there yet.
You will get more positive and he will start to show the changes now that x-mas and the new year are over. Ellie XXX

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