Tuesday, 9 October 2007

"Well done"

That's what the sticker says. Yes, it was great that this time the tests confirmed my instincts that changes are beginning to take place. All the results were very well 'into the green' so on to the next challenge.
We now move into 'mental tasks' and something different happened today which makes me think that maybe it's in the normal order of things that son's social skills seem to be sharpening up whilst his concentration is as poor as ever. As we are now moving on to the mental challenges, two new sections of questions were added to the standard questionnaire. I laughted out loud as I read the questions and confidently awarded son the lowest possible mark:they were ALL about the ability to concentrate, focus and keep still! This surely implies that it is from now on that we might reasonably expect some progress in this area?
Anyway, much heartened all round.


johnson127 said...

Welcome to the "mentals" and boy is that the right name for them, I feel totally mental after 3 weeks of doing them. From what I've read (on forums) this is when things like concentration start to come together. Well done to you both and keep posting!

Anonymous said...

Well done to both of you Helen this is when the real changes start to happen.
The Mental tasks will bring all that he has done so far together and also finally helps with his concentration levels and his ability to start learning at school.
I also consider it when they can finally multitask in other words do several things at the same time.
Our children are unable to think of more than one thing at once IE if you ask them to stand on one leg and recite the alphabet they will either fall over or will not remember the alphabet. This is where their problems with lack of concentration is so acute. Once they can recite the alphabet while standing on one leg then their ability to concentrate on most things will have developed.
So good luck for this last stage of his development. Ellie XXX

Kate long said...

Well done to both of you. Here's to the next set of successes.
Kate X