Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Before and after?

I thought I would try posting a message just before the next review - and then one straight after. It's 9.20 in the morning and in a few minutes we'll venture off to Bedford and the Dore Centre.

We picked ourselves off pretty well after the gloom that set in last visit. Somehow the exercises weren't quite as tedious as I had feared and we just got on with them. But probably more important is the fact that son has now settled into year 5 at school, new teacher, new routines - and seems to have had fewer problems than in previous years.

When we started this programme I said to myself that the main success factor would be that son can have a bettter time in the playground - and this is definitely the case now. He plays happily with his friends, seems better able to compromise and seems less clingy and dependent on one or two individuals. He still has real problems concentrating, focusing on work and organising himself - but there's still lots of time. It's strange: I would have thought that the effects of the programme would show themselves firstly on the cognitive processes (being able to structure and focus) and only later on the social responses (being able to work co-operatively with other children). Instead it appears to be the other way round.

Now lets see if the tests back any of this up ...


johnson127 said...

I agree little things creep up on you. Good Luck today! Will tune in later. Our class teacher expressed after about 4 months how our son was now joining in things that were previously moving to fast for him (conversations). I beleive that his auditory processing wiring has been rejiggled and he can now listen and converse more easily.

Vanna said...

Good words.