Monday, 23 July 2007

All green

The third review, last week, was mixed. On the balance board all the measures were in the green at last - although there is still a high level of inconsistency in the scores. And there was actually little overall improvement noted. However, son had been ill earlier in the week and still wasn't quite over it, which might have affected things a little. So the exercises we've received this time aren't too different from the ones we had before. They are also talking in terms of a 2-year programme rather than 1 year, as at the start, which is rather daunting, but at least proves (since all payment was up front) their commitment to do their best by son.

On a brighter note we just might be seeing some changes on the behaviour front. At school they seem happier with him. He appears more settled, more content, less frustrated and confused. Although he still needs adult supervision to get him started on tasks, he doesn't drift off-task the moment the adult walks away. And - most importantly to me - he seems to be getting on better in the playground.

Of course this can be ascribed to different things. He's growing up. In the summer term he knows his class teacher and her routines better. The Head Teacher had intervened to sort out some of the playground issues. So perhaps the test will be in September, with a new teacher and new routines. If he can cope with these and keep calm and happy in the playground, I shall really begin to feel we're making progress.

Many thanks to all of you who have sent encouraging words; it really helps. So I'll finish be sending my very best wishes to you and your children.