Thursday, 6 September 2007


Well the next review was very disappointing. Despite the effort of managing to keep the exercises going throughout the disruption of the summer holidays, son's scores went decisively backwards this time! The effects of this on morale are clear. Of course we're demoralised - at least, I am; it's hard to know what son is thinking. And it means that the next book of exercises is almost identical to the last two and we're BORED.

Why might the tests have gone so badly when we do the exercises unfailingly and he doesn't find them particularly challenging? Well I feel a bit guilty because he had had a very late night before the review. The Harry Potter audio-book we were listening to was just too gripping and I suppose he had a bit less sleep than usual. But would this be enough for such a clear step backwards?

I also wonder if anything else he does in his life might counter the stimulation of the exercises. Could it be that the computer games he so loves are busy stimulating other bits of his brain and diluting or nullifying the stimulation to the cerebellum?

His time on the computer is rationed (although he gets a generous allowance of time) and it's hard to cut this down because it's the one thing that gives him satisfaction and self-esteem; he knows he is really good at them and it gives him some credit in the playground too.


Kate said...

Sorry to hear this. But progression probably isn't going to be a straight graph (I'm guessing). Sending hugs, anyway. Keep on keeping on.

johnson127 said...

Helen we also went back into the reds, when we thought perhaps we would be moving onto the exercises with mentals distractions last time (july). It is disappointing but will carry on regardless.
I don't think it's the computer/TV that causes their problems I see that as more of a symptom.
We've been at it 9 months now, but I've got to say they're easier with the routine of school going on. We expect to go to around 18 months also, so another 9 to go!! gulp.

Anonymous said...

All part of the progression phase Helen and they all go through it at one stage or another. I know Leila did, so do not worry he will get back on track. Some call it a regression phase but it is the wrong word progression is much better because a lot of activity is taking place in their brains and will eventually lead to a big leap in one of his abilities. Ellie XXX