Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Now you see it ...

now you don't.
I was just beginning to feel that we were making progress. There was a real and tangible improvement in son's concentration that had led to real and tangible improvement in handwriting.

And just when I thought this was the start of bigger things ... all signs of progress disappear. Yes, the handwriting thing can't be denied. But there's not much else to report. Playground situations still a bit iffy. Still very poor concentration when not working in one-to-one with adult.

The only other change I would note is hardly positive. His sleep patterns appear rather disrupted - generally sleeping for longer but occasionally having real problems getting to sleep.

I think I could really do with a break-through about nowish.


Bugalug said...

Hi Helen - stick with it! Dore isn't a quick fix.
We've been doing Dore since January and haven't really seen any MAJOR gains in his schoolwork, but definitely more organised, has better memory and speech and short term memory has improved. That alone is better than the "fog" he was living in.

I am confident everything else will follow, but am in it for the longhaul. We have been told we will probably be on the programme for 12-18 months.

Johnson Family said...

Hi Helen, Bugalug directed me to your Blog, keep going early days yet we have been at it for 6 months and things are shaping up all be it slowly. Your not alone click on my user name and you'll get our blog. There you can have a look at our scores and compare notes. Wish you well.

miss ellie said...

Hi Helen I can understand your frustration but believe it or not these are all processes they have to go through while doing dore. The problem is you are doing it on your own with only the support of the center. I had the same problem when my daughter Leila went through Dore but she is now 18 months post Dore and a changed child. She was 3 years behind her peers pre Dore and was on a par with them 9 months afte finishing. It does take time but there is so much that develops in the meantime.
If you want to feel that you are not completely alone on this and want to follow the changes they go through then log onto the forum I have added below
ADHD forum for miscellaenious treatments and approaches go onto the Dore site and personal experiances. Many of your concerns are in there as we have all been through it.
or put in Ellie XXX

Helen said...

Thanks a lot for your support - just when I feel I need it. I'll check out the links you mention - and we'll keep plugging away.

Nice to feel, suddenly, less alone!

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