Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Is this the right thing to do?

I'm sitting in the waiting room of The Dore Centre, in Beford, waiting with my son for his initial assessment, writing this on the back of the directions to get here.

As I understand it, today my son will be assessed to see if he is 'under-utilising his cerebellum' - the part of the brain which helps us to process information and to act automatically, without conscious effort.

The waiting room is pleasant enough. Not many people here. Children who look like my boy (but slightly older) - mainly boys (of course). Mothers who look familiar - I feel I know them. Everyone is dressed in muddy coloured clothes; almost a uniform. People smile if you catch their eye but we are all locked into our own little worlds.

What's the worst case scenario for me? I think that the centre turns around and tells me that my son is using his cerebellum effectively and that the Dore programme can't help him. Yes, we'll get most of our money back. But my son will still be struggling with a range of small learning problems which seem to defy effective description or categorising but which are clearly limiting him badly both at school and socially. We can spend the money on a nice holiday. But where do we go next?

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